Christina Wolfgram
December 31, 2015 2:02 pm

Every year, we face the same dilemma: What should we do on New Year’s Eve? While the concept of sipping on champagne in a slinky dress at the top of the Empire State Building definitely sounds like an ideal option, watching the ball drop from a pile of blankets on the couch is becoming more and more appealing by the year.

Unsure of how to ring in 2016 in style, we turned to stock photos to help us solidify our plans. Because stock photos know best, obviously. Here’s what we learned:

Never look your date in the eye.


Even during your midnight kiss.

Keep your perfectly reasonable resolutions organized. Writing in all capital letters on angry yellow Post-Its helps!

Or, keep a journal, and pray that it rains sometime in January so you can keep that “running in the rain” resolution. And then laugh at yourself.

You do not have to wear pants to a NYE party.

But holding a disco ball will make you very popular.

Giant disco balls work, too.

If you can’t get a hold of a disco ball, bring your dog waiter. It’s New Year’s; go nuts!

Celebrate by inhaling helium from balloons in a hurricane of confetti …

Or stand by yourself in an empty room. Both make for great pictures!

Why blow into a noisemaker when you can just pretend to blow into a noisemaker?

If you’re in an empty, gray room, no one’s going to hear your merriment anyway.

Remember that New Year’s Eve marks the passing of time, like sand through an hourglass.

So hit that big red button as much as you darn well please. Happy New Year!

(Images via Shutterstock.)