Bridey Heing
May 07, 2015 8:16 am

Jimmy Fallon has some serious skills when it comes to getting celebrities to do super weird stuff. Whether he’s getting stars to act out soap opera dramas with mannequin arms, or having Blake Lively literally just say words back and forth with him, Fallon hits a real sweet-spot when it comes to being entirely out there and hilarious. Last night’s episode of The Tonight Show featured guest Kerry Washington, who we’re totally used to seeing all business as Olivia Pope, being entirely silly doing a Lip Flip. She and Jimmy sang, talked in funny voices, and even made up new Scandal-themed lyrics to Elton John’s “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.” “It seems to me you lived your life like a scandal in the wind. Can’t believe you got to hook up with the president.” Officially stuck in our heads, BTW

The premise of ‘Lip Flip’ is simple: Jimmy and his guest speak for each other by having their mouths swapped. It’s a little terrifying (see the picture above), but it’s also hilarious. Although we already knew Kerry Washington was an incredibly talented lady, we had no idea just how talented until we saw her dance to the Kit Kat jingle. Check it out!

(Image via Youtube)