We need more women like Stevie Nicks in the world. First there’s the talent aspect of her stories musical career. She’s been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Sold millions of albums both with Fleetwood Mac and as a solo artist. She’s been nominated for tons of Grammys and does anyone else boast that incomparable voice coupled with her unique onstage style? I think not.

She is also one kickass feminist.

Stevie just gave an interview to Mojo magazine which proves once again that she deserves the title “Rock Goddess.” Not only is she 66 years old and still touring for sell out crowds, but she’s all about empowering other female performers to strive for the lifelong success that she’s personally achieved.

Referencing bands like her own Fleetwood Mac, she affirms, “I think every band should have a girl in it, because it’s always going to make for cooler stuff going on than if it’s just a bunch of guys.” She discusses how all the relationships within Fleetwood Mac inspired some of the band’s biggest hits and that they still write about each other years later after the romantic dust has long settled. And even without couples forming within the band? Stevie still says of a mixed gender musical collaboration, “it’s ultimately more romantic, no matter what. Even if nobody is going together, it still casts a romantic spell.”

While it’s easy to wax poetic about women helping other women, Stevie has put her words into action. In October of 2014 she invited the Haim sisters to a bonding jam session at her home in Los Angeles and proclaimed them “sisters of the moon” as well as commenting, “you’re gonna be that rock ‘n’ roll woman that’s going to make people happy and take them out of their miserable lives for two hours…and they’re gonna want your music. And then, girls…at 66 years old, you can be starting a year and a half tour that sold out its US dates–in the first week.” What’s cooler than a strong woman who makes it a point to recognize talent in other women and encourages them to continue on their path?!

Among other songs, the four of them played “Rhiannon” together during their hangout, one of Fleetwood Mac’s classic ballads.

And if you think it can’t get better, just last week Stevie spent some time with Adele before one of her shows, later announcing to her audience that she had told Adele, “You’re going to be me in 40 years. You’re going to still be up onstage doing what you’re doing because of your song writing.”

Um SWOON much? What a classy inspiring female and talented performer setting a rad example not just for aspiring musicians but for women everywhere. We love you Stevie.

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