Have you ever found yourself wide awake at night, thinking about Steve Hale? Whatever happened to D.J. Tanner’s boyfriend with a bottomless stomach? With Fuller House out on the horizon, it’s a question on the minds of many Full House fans. Where is Steve, and will we ever see him again, wearing that letterman jacket and raiding the Tanner’s fridge?

If these are questions you’ve asked yourself lately, then here’s some good news: Steve is coming BACK. Fuller House went into production earlier this week, with the full cast gathered together for the first table read of the new series. Among them, Scott Weinger, who Tweeted out a picture that speaks for itself. This is happening!!

You know what this means? There’s still hope for D.J. and Steve, and we’ve been rooting for these two since 1991. Last we saw Steve, he had just shown up to surprise D.J. (and us) and escorted her to her senior prom (oh, did you want to watch that scene? It’s here).

The plot for Fuller House has already established that D.J. and Steve are not together, and D.J. has instead married a man with the last name of “Fuller.” After her husband passes away, D.J. is left to raise her children herself, and that’s what brings sister Stephanie and bestie Kimmy back into her life (Sound familiar?) They’re going to stick around to help D.J. out with the kids, and you know who else might be a big help? STEVE.

D.J. herself, Candace Cameron-Bure Instagram’ed a picture of the table read, too. Get a look at the name of the first episode: “Our Very First Show, Again.” Too good. Also, highly intrigued by that DEEJ/Starbucks coffee cup.

With Fuller House now officially in production, we are inching so close to seeing it back on our TVs so soon. Or, seeing it on our computers/tablets, considering all episodes are dropping onto Netflix sometime in early 2016. The rest of the extended Tanner family has already confirmed their involvement with the show (except for Michelle Tanner, but we totally understand), so it’s time to move onto the last few MIA characters: Nicky Katsopolis, Alex Katsopolis, and Mr. Bear.

(Images via Twitter, Instagram.)