Alexandra Svokos
Updated August 14, 2015

Stephen Colbert, a self-described feminist, aims to make his upcoming Late Show “a show that truly respects women.” He wrote an amazing piece in Glamour, tinted with his signature sarcastic wit, explaining his mission. Thanks to this, we’re even more excited to watch The Late Show.

The Glamour article touches on many aspects of female disparity including that, most glaringly, Colbert is a man in a male-heavy industry. While it’s great to have him around, it’s still true that a huge majority of late-night talk show hosts are white men.

“I am surprised that the world of late-night TV lacks a female presence, unlike sitcoms, which are packed with smoking-hot wives who teach their doughy husband a valuable lesson when he slips on a pizza and falls headfirst into a porta-potty full of beer,” Colbert writes.

He also points out disparities in other entertainment mediums, like the lack of female Minions and how Mad Max was named after a man even though it was about a group of kick-ass ladies.

More seriously, Colbert says that women’s stories are often not told, including that of the group of female mathematicians who programmed the first computer.

For all women of every identity, Colbert says, he wants to make a Late Show that “not only appeals to women but also celebrates their voices.

“To be honest, sometimes I wonder whether the world would be a better place if women were in charge,” Colbert writes. Well, there’s only one way to find out!

In the meantime, read Colbert’s full article here.

(Image via Comedy Central)