It’s November 1, so that means it’s time to start counting down the days to the biggest event this holiday season. No, not Christmas; the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Now it’s only 46 days away! We’re so close, but still so far from knowing exactly what happens in the movie. Though we’ve got a handful of trailers, teasers, and images, the plot of Force Awakens is still completely unknown. So, keep the speculations coming, and now Stephen Colbert has a fan theory of his own.

Calling himself the “original Star Wars fan,” Colbert has believes he has the entire plot figured out. Who knows if he’s right or wrong — we won’t for 46 days — but his theory is pretty darn convincing, and goes along with some other speculations already out there in the galaxy. Colbert might secretly be our own Rebel Spy.

According to Colbert, the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance are now gone, replaced by the First Order and the Resistance. But in that, the light side has become dark, the dark side has become light, and the “new new hope” all lies with John Boyega’s Finn as the very fabric of the force is stretching itself too thin! It’s all up to this new generation to unite everyone, from moisture farmers to nerf herders, again, and restore complete peace.

Make sense? Vaguely sound like the plot of the OG trilogy? Yes and yes. But Colbert could be completely right. The fan theories are strong with this one.

Check out his whole explanation below, and we’ll see if he’s right on December 18th.

(Image via YouTube.)