Roger the kangaroo isn’t your average ‘roo. He’s got style, charisma, and most importantly, he’s…a body builder. Or at least, he definitely looks like one. And now his town is proposing to honor him with a statue in his likeness installed in the shopping center.

Honestly, we can understand why.

Roger is one cool kangaroo. And he’s got a pretty dreamy face, too (you know, for a marsupial).

Listen, it might seem a bit odd to be ogling a kangaroo’s muscles, but have you seen this guy? He looks like someone who wouldn’t hesitate to punch your lights out in a hot second. Roger could win a bodybuilder competition in his weight class, any day. Not to mention that he’s got the advantage of a killer jump kick – literally, a kangaroo kick can put you out of commission in a major way.

Seriously. Roger is, like, the Chris Hemsworth of kangaroos.

But don’t worry too much – the chances that you’ll run into Roger on the wrong side of the tracks are pretty slim. He’s got some sweet digs at the Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs, Australia. Roger is famous worldwide thanks to his viral physique, and pretty much beloved in his hometown. Todd Mall is looking to build a statue of Roger in their shopping center, hoping to capitalize on the popularity of their boxing mascot.

While there’s so much stress and uncertainty in the world, it’s comforting to know that there’s a beefy kangaroo lighting up people’s lives down in Australia.

It’s times like these that we’re grateful for the power of social media. With enough muscle, even a kangaroo can become famous! We hope Roger gets his statue, and maybe even gets to see it himself – although, who knows? He might try to punch it.