Briana Hansen
February 23, 2016 11:05 am

You never know the difference of a small act of kindness can make. Sometimes, it’ll just make someone smile, like when your barista makes a cute design in the foam of your latte.

But sometimes, it’ll be posted online, go viral, and make hundreds of thousands of people smile, like when your barista makes a small, but life-changing decision before you even order your latte.

That’s what happened when a Starbucks Barista in Leesburg, VA passed one of her regular customers, Ibby Piracha, a simple note. The customer posted the sweet note online, it went viral, and people everywhere had to quietly grab a tissue and think of ways they, too, can be better people.

Here’s the note and the post:

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Instead of continuing to make her write her order down, her kind cashier decided to learn American Sign Language, so that Ibby would be able to communicate her order like every other customer.

This employee did more than go above and beyond for a customer, she went above and beyond for a fellow human being. And maybe bringing awareness to the deaf community will inspire more people to learn some basic sign language to help others in Ibby’s position.

Well done, Starbucks employee. Thank you for inspiring us all to be better.