Remember that time Star Wars wanted a female director? It might actually happen.

Back in October, we heard that the folks at LucasFilm wanted to hire a female director. “There’s nothing we’d like more than to find a female director for Star Wars,” Lucasfilm producer Kathleen Kennedy told Guardian.

Which, yeah, we would LOVE, too — but we couldn’t help but wonder why they haven’t picked one during any of the five chances they had previously. “It’s a lot to do with opportunity and there has to be a concerted effort to create the opportunity,” Kennedy told Guardian. “Part of our job is to nurture talent. We need to not go to a filmmaker who’s done one movie and expect them to come in and do something the size of Star Wars without having an opportunity to find other movies they can do along the way.”

Now, it looks as though they’re nurturing that talent in the best way possible. According to Los Angeles Times, earlier this fall, 44 big names in Hollywood got together and talked about how to address Hollywood’s serious gender problem.

“People who normally spend all day long trying to screw each other were in there together trying to figure out this gender issue,” Cathy Schulman, head of production at STX Entertainment and president of Women in Film, told Los Angeles Times. “This is not a shaming process. We’re not saying, ‘You’re the bad guys.’ We’re saying, ‘This is your situation. We’ve been doing it the same way for so long. We need to retrain our brains.’”

And it looks like we may be seeing the product of that retraining quite soon indeed. WME partner and agent Adriana Alberghetti said that she has set up meetings for four female directors and three female writers for the Star Wars films. Excitement abounds!

“Behind closed doors, people at the studios are saying, ‘we know we have a problem,’” Alberghetti told Los Angeles Times. “How do we get more women behind the camera?”

Although the names weren’t specified, Indiewire notes that Alberghetti represents Sarah Gavron (Suffragette) and S.J. Clarkson (Jessica Jones), as well as screenwriters Linda Woolverton (Maleficent) and Marti Noxon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Fright Night), among various others.

We could not be more pumped for this development, and we can only hope the Star Wars team follows through. The galaxy may be far, far away, but let’s make it filled with some awesome female talent.

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