Bethany Biron
Updated Dec 10, 2016 @ 9:45 am
Credit: 20th Century Fox

We’re pretty sure we found the dad of the year.

The incredible Colin Furze took to YouTube to share his month-long journey building a full-size AT-AT playhouse for his son. For those of you not up on your Star Wars lingo, AT-AT is short for All Terrain Armored Transport, a four-legged combat vehicle used in the series. (Though as Colin notes, in the new Rogue One film, the convoys are referred to as AT-ACTs.)

Furze works as a plumber and, according to the Telegraph, is also a “part-time inventor and self-taught engineer.” Let’s add Jedi to that list.

Over the course of three videos, Furze shows how he built the playhouse.

In the first video, in addition to building the AT-AT, he shares his plan to fill it with Star Wars merchandise from eBay. Why? To ensure his son completely loses his mind. For a brief moment, we see his son, dressed in Star Wars garb, saying, “You are my father!” To which Furze responds, “Yes I am!” Adorable.

Check out his enthusiasm in the initial video:

In the next video, you can watch as Colin and his friends work together to build the AT-AT. Over the course of the 11-minute clip, we see him use a small AT-AT toy as a model. He starts with the feet and finally constructs the body.

Watch Colin’s progress in the second video:

Last but certainly not least, in the final video, we see Furze make the big reveal.

Then, the camera pans to the completed AT-AT. With the press of a button, a ladder ejects to the ground. Furze uses it to board the AT-AT, which is now brimming with Star Wars paraphernalia.

Watch the big reveal in the final video:

Unreal. The best part is without a doubt watching his son’s reaction, as he dashes to the AT-AT and immediately puts on a Storm Trooper hat, giddy with excitement.

Seriously genius. If you want more Colin Furze, you can follow along on his Twitter account, @colin_furze.