Bren Lee
December 30, 2015 6:53 pm

Chewbacca is arguably one of the most beloved characters of the Star Wars franchise. Fiercely loyal to his best friend and co-smuggler, Han Solo, he’s definitely someone you’d want in your corner. Turns out the actor who plays him, Peter Mayhew, is just as kindhearted.

Peter Mayhew, who has played Chewbacca in every installment of the film franchise, welcomed Ashley Fleetwood and her father to his home in Texas over the holidays. The invite came just several weeks after the death of Ashley Fleetwood’s husband, Daniel.

Daniel Fleetwood had spindle cell sarcoma, a connective tissue cancer, and gained attention when his dying wish to see The Force Awakens went viral. He was not expected to live to see the film when it was released in theatres on December 18th.

Peter Mayhew was one of several Star Wars cast members to support #ForceForDaniel, a campaign to allow Daniel to see the movie before he succumbed to his illness. Other stars from the film franchise, such as Mark Hamill and John Boyega, were also in support of the campaign, both retweeting messages with the hashtag #ForceForDaniel.

In early November, director J.J. Abrams personally called Daniel and Ashley Fleetwood to let them know their wish would be granted. They were allowed to screen an unedited version of the film on November 5th. Daniel passed away just five days after seeing the film. Mayhew had originally invited the Fleetwoods to his home before Daniel passed away, but Daniel was unable to make the trip due to his failing health.

Ashley told Entertainment Tonight, “When Daniel was sick, they actually Skyped him. It was so sweet and amazing. They invited us to visit, but he was unable to travel. After he passed, they extended the invitation again. So I asked if, for my dad’s 60th birthday, if we could maybe visit. They said yes and were so welcoming.”

Fleetwood shared several photos from the trip on her Facebook page, thanking the star for his generosity. “I want to thank the amazing Peter-Angie Mayhew for inviting my family to their wonderful home,” Fleetwood wrote on Facebook.”They were so welcoming and kind.” Mayhew also shared photos from the trip, noting that he and his wife were delighted to meet the Fleetwood family.

(Images via Lucasfilm, Twitter, Facebook)