Kenya Foy
Updated Aug 02, 2017 @ 5:59 pm

As much as you’ve tried to be a good sport about the season, it’s beyond obvious by now that you’re beyond ready for summer to end. For these few months that we once adored as a child, the thrill is gone, mostly because we now have responsibilities that don’t stop when the semester’s over, and we’ve learned the hard (and extremely hot) way that taking summer vacations as an adult just isn’t that simple.

Between the exhausting heat and layering of moisturizer, sunscreen, and makeup beneath bug repellent, it’s no wonder most of us are eagerly looking forward to the end of summer.

While it seems like everyone else you know is desperately trying to make the most of the remaining #summervibes, you couldn’t be happier with the passage of time. In fact, you’ve already begun your not-so-quiet celebration of the arrival of cooler, less clammy days.

Now that fall is a little more than a month away, you’re in the beginning stages of being ready for summer to end already, and you don’t care which of your heat-loving friends knows it.

1You’ve already unpacked your fall clothing.

And started to model them, and pair up outfits because cool weather brings out your inner fashionista. Besides, it pained you to put all of those cushy sweaters, leggings and scarves to the back of the closet, and bringing them back out to see the light of day brings you SO much joy — unlike the relentless summer heat that should be out of here any day now.

2You’re embarrassingly excited to go boot shopping.

You’ve had your eye on a pair of waist-high orange boots for quite some time now, and with the end of summer days quickly approaching, you’re officially plotting on how to add them to your shoe collection IRL.

3You’ve started binge-watching winter movies.

And you might shed a tear or two at the sight of fake movie snow. If you can’t fast forward to the end of summer, you might as well watch movies that reassure you that a wintry weather forecast is actually in your near future.

4You’ve already prepared yourself to gain an hour of sleep.

The end of Daylight Saving Time is still months away, but that hasn’t stopped you from purchasing black-out curtains for the occasion. While the loss of an hour of daylight will annoy everyone else who hates commuting to and from work in the dark, you are not-so-secretly looking forward to the extra snooze time.

5You’ve compiled all the recipes for cold weather drinks.

Normally, you’re not the most capable mixologist but there’s something about the promise of decreased humidity and chillier temps that instantly puts you in the drink-preparing mood.

6Your winter vacation is booked.

And it definitely involves skiing snowy slopes, staying at a cozy cabin, sipping plenty of those boozy bevvies that keep you warm and fuzzy on the inside, or all of the above.

7You’ve planned an epic end-of-summer celebration.

As much as everyone hates how excited you are about to help the hottest season see it’s way out of here, they’ll get over it once they see what you’ve got planned for “See Ya, Summer” bash. Drinks will flow, dancing will be done, but absolutely no teary-eyed speeches devoted to summer are allowed.

8 You have a calendar specifically designated for the end of summer countdown.

And this isn’t just a sign that you’re one extremely efficient party planner.

In case you haven’t made it crystal clear by now, you cannot wait to party like a rock star once this sweltering time of year makes its grand exit, and you plan to make the most of all the non-sweaty days ahead. In fact, you honestly won’t mind if summer takes an extra long break next year.