Nicole Pomarico
March 16, 2018 12:15 pm

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to start planning how you’re going to spend the holiday. Party? Low-key night in? Corned beef at your local pub, along with a nice, cold green beer? Whatever you’re doing, it must be shared on Instagram, because if you don’t ‘gram it, it never happened. And if you’re gonna post it, you’re probably looking for St. Patrick’s Day quotes and/or Instagram caption ideas.

It’s a common phrase this time of year, but don’t be boring and just type “Kiss me, I’m Irish” — especially if you’re only Irish for the day. If you get a little bit clever, it’ll make your ‘gram game so much better…and your followers, who are seeing the same green beer shots over and over again, are going to seriously appreciate it.

Here are some ideas for your posts involving all things St. Patrick’s. Use any of these, and you’re guaranteed to scoop up all kinds of likes.

1. When you and your friends decide to start drinking early:

2. For a cute photo with your BFF:

3. If you feel like getting all sentimental:

4. When you’re only there for the shenanigans:

5. Or if you just really, really love the word “shenanigans”:

6. Or the word “malarkey,” which is also awesome:

7. When you know you’re going to regret your decisions in the morning:

8. If you want to bless everyone who scrolls past your photo on their feed:

9. For when you’re trying to be super sweet:

10. And for that group photo where all your favorite people are wearing green:

11. For when you know things are about to get lit at the St. Patrick’s Day party:

12. If you’ve got some serious mischief up your sleeve

13. The perfect caption for that all-important green beer:

14. If you’re not Irish, but you’re still there to party:

15. If you really, really love Lucky Charms — or if you’re just planning to stay home:

16. If you’re planning on ordering more than one drink:

17. For the inevitable selfie you’ll take, showing off your green outfit:

18. If you really want to make your followers laugh:

Have a happy St. Patrick’s Day! And don’t forget to document every minute of it.