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The state of music right now is that it’s easier than ever to listen to whoever, whenever, wherever you are. But, have you ever been curious as to what people are listening to around the world outside of the usual international chart-topping hits? Well, you’re in luck: Spotify has crunched the numbers and delivered an interactive music map that tells you what songs are more popular in certain regions than in any other part of the world.

Confused? Basically, everybody around the world is listening to Beyoncé, so Spotify nixed those universally listened to artists and focused instead of the music that appears in one place more so than anywhere else in the world. That means more local bands and region-specific sounds (like Spanish language music for Spanish-speaking regions), and an interesting cross section of what it means to enjoy and categorize “international” music.

Spotify’s categorization process is interesting (NYC and Brooklyn, LA and Compton are split, for example), and there are a lot of gaps, especially regarding Africa and Asia. But the results they have pulled are pretty interesting, so you should definitely check out the map and its Spotify user account on your own. But because we’re all about easy access, we’ve rounded up some of the world’s biggest cities’ playlists:

New York City

Los Angeles



Hong Kong

Rio de Janeiro

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