With seven days to go until Star Wars: The Force Awakens lands in theaters, it’s safe to assume that you’ve watched the trailer anywhere from 10-3,000 times by now (rough estimates). What you might not have watched as many times is the international trailer for the film, which includes a whole lot of previously unseen footage (!!!), a little more about the plot, and some possible spoilers. If you’re still intent on staying complete spoiler free for the next week, now’s a good time to turn back.

But also, take the term “spoiler” with a grain of salt. It’s not like this new trailer directly spoilers anything big, but seeing as how we’ve been completely kept in the dark this entire time, what we learn in this new trailer is a little bit more revealing. Like:

1. BB8’s is “classified.” ORLY BB8? The origins of this brand new droid are still unknown, but somehow he (/she?) ends up on Jakku with Rey. When inquiring about the little droid, it beeps back that everything about it is “classified.”

2. Rey’s classified, too. Who is Rey and where does she come from? Just as mysterious as BB8. Now we know for certain that she doesn’t have a lot of information about her past, which COULD mean her parents end up being two VERY IMPORTANT people in the Star Wars universe.

3. Rey already knows Han Solo. Maybe. When her and Finn need a pilot in a pinch, Rey yells that they’ve already “got one.” Cut to, the Millennium Falcon flying away, which strongly suggests that the two are already on friendly terms.

4. The Falcon crashes. I repeat, at one point, the Falcon CRASHES. In the trailer, we see two different pilots at the helm — Han and Rey — and it’s unclear who’s behind the controls when this happens. The ship’s been damaged badly before, but this… this is bad.

5. Kylo Ren’s helmet comes off. Underneath that dark armor is Adam Driver’s beautiful face, however, you’d never know that because we haven’t see him without the helmet on yet (he also has refused to comment in interviews, if the helmet comes off). However this new trailer shows a quick few seconds (at 1:42) where we can clearly see his long locks are blowing in the wind. This also begs the question, why is his face such a secret?

Brace yourself for any and all spoilers, and check out the international trailer below. It’s crazy to think that in one short week, we’ll finally get to see this beauty with our own eyes.

(Image via YouTube.)