Bridey Heing
March 09, 2015 7:58 am

The streets of Birmingham, England have a masked hero, but he’s not fighting crime. An anonymous 20-year-old has been dressing up as Spider-Man and bringing food to the homeless. Pretty fantastic right?

A couple times a week, under cover of darkness, Birmingham Spider-Man hands out sandwiches to people he finds on the streets. He tweets using the handle @BrumSpiderman, where you can find pictures of Spidey with those he has helped. He also uses Twitter to spread the word about hunger and homelessness in the U.K.

The generous stranger, who works in a bar, told the BBC that he’s worked with vulnerable populations for “three or four years and loves seeing the smiles on people’s faces.” The Spider-Man suit came a bit later.  “I thought ‘If they are happy now, imagine how much bigger the smile would be if it was Spider-Man giving out the food.'”  

Although Birmingham Spider-Man pays for all the food out of pocket, he doesn’t accept donations. He asks that those looking to help get involved personally to help feed those in need.

Birmingham Spider-Man may be dressed up as a comic book hero, but he’s changing lives. Along with the food he hands out, this masked crusader has brought global attention to the issue of hunger, which affects about 4 million people in the U.K. alone. It’s also a huge issue in the U.S., so if you’re inspired by Spidey, consider getting involved with local efforts to end hunger!

Also watch this amazing video of Spider-Man doing good:

(Image via Youtube)