Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Dec 12, 2016 @ 2:27 pm
Credit: Etsy

We all know at least one person who secretly (or not so secretly) is straight-up OBSESSED with space. Maybe it’s the adventure that calls to them, or maybe it’s the unknown. Regardless, these people seriously dig all things space, and have big dreams of being an astronomer, or even an astronaut. And this holiday season, what better way to celebrate their obsession than these amazing space gifts?!

For our space gift guide, we rounded up some of our favorite handcrafted space gifts on Etsy, because science-inspired holiday gifts can actually be *so* rad. From spacey accessories to incredible works of art, we’ve got you covered.

1This Zodiac constellation framed papercut art ($17)

2This soft, purple constellation zipper clutch ($32)

3This phases of the moon ceramic mug ($15)

4This absolutely adorable space cat enamel pin ($10)

5This NASA space shuttle art print ($3+)

Credit: Etsy

6This universe-inspired notebook ($9)

7This solar system necklace ($34)

8These glow-in-the-dark solar system undies ($15)

9This scientific natural canvas tote bag ($24)

10This star chart constellations map ($30)

11This big dipper constellation embroidery ($20)

Credit: Etsy

We hope you find some incredible stocking stuffers for your pals, and maybe go ahead and grab a thing or two for yourself.