Elena Sheppard
May 20, 2016 9:51 am

You know how some things in life are just incredibly soothing? Like, when you finally (miraculously) finish a tube of lipstick, or the unexpected calming power of this GIF?

Discovery Channel/ imgur.com

Well today in random things that sooth our souls: A Twitter account called CINEMAPALETTES that takes some of our favorite movie scenes and breaks down their color palettes, paint chip style. Why is this so soothing? It’s hard to say, but it is. It is the most purely soothing thing we’ve seen in a long time. Scrolling through some of the scenes on display just gives our brains peace.

Take this scene from Django Unchained for instance. This is a decidedly unsoothing movie, but seeing the sunset, the scenery, the color breakdown beneath — it sets our minds at ease. false

Now, how about this scene from But I’m a Cheerleader? A very different type of movie, a very different palette, but equally soothing. false

Here are a few more: false false false false

It should be noted that this little palette-soother works with even the most stressful of movie scenes. Take Patrick Bateman doing his psychotic pre-work American Psycho regimen. This moment becomes nearly serene when made into a still, organized into a spectrum of color. false

Now, feel free to peruse the whole zen-like Twitter feed. But before you do that look deep into the eyes of another truly unexpectedly soothing GIF.

You never know what will calm your mortal soul.