Trilby Beresford
April 10, 2016 1:29 pm
Relativity Media

Most of the time, emails are written with the intention of being sent immediately. In return the sender expects a quick response, reinforcing the idea that everybody’s lives revolve around their various screens all day long. But there is a website called FutureMe, which turns that idea on its head.

Senders can write an email and schedule it to be sent in the future, years or even decades from the present day. You could literally send an email to your future adult or elderly self, or to someone else entirely. Therefore most of the time, you don’t expect a response at all. Crazy.

Recently, a Reddit user had a very personal encounter with FutureMe. He received an email from his father, who passed away two years ago. The email began with, “Hello son, I am talking to you from the grave, woooooooo. I always said I would come back and haunt you.” That’s the silly part of the letter, obviously, but then the father expressed how proud he is of his son, and how he knows that his son is taking good care of his mother.

As if that isn’t heartbreaking/warming enough, the father expressed how he hopes that his son has adjusted to “life without the old man.” That is just… there are no words.

As you can imagine, most of the letter was too personal for the Reddit user to share on the internet. We know that his father opened up and passed on important things that they never got around to discussing when he was alive, which must have been hard to hear.  This meaningful exchange could not have taken place without FutureMe, and they sure are facilitating some emotionally heavy time-travel.