Kenya Foy
Updated Jan 12, 2017 @ 9:03 am
trash can
Credit: Sam Glover/

Welcome to a safe space where your open admissions of extreme laziness won’t be judged because you’re protected by the presence of other admittedly lazy individuals. The newest member of this community is the person who invented a trash can robot, because everyone knows taking out the garbage is one of the worst household chores (not worse than doing dishes, but still).

Anyway, we are shamelessly worshiping this bright-minded individual for this innovative form of garbage disposal. Because even though pets are really helpful at household chores, we seriously doubt our favorite four-legged friends would make a more efficient substitute for manually taking out the trash.

First of all, pets either walk, crawl, fly or slither, and none of those methods of movement measure up to a trash can that rolls itself to the garbage truck.

Either way, we DGAF that this fascinating piece of machinery represents peak laziness. We totally want one — and after you see this video, you will too.

Tuh! And they had the nerve to title this video “Shitty Garbage Bot.” “SAYS WHO??” we ask, because clearly, this automated trash transport idea is genius.

For everyone who’s all, “Get off your lazy butts and take out the damn trash,” here’s our well thought-out defense of the auto-trash can: It rolls smoothly and the container didn’t topple over even though it was rolling down a driveway. The speed was perfect (although we’re not sure if it’s adjustable) and the timing was impeccable. Did you see how it effortlessly rolled up just as the garbage truck was pulling up to the curb?

Honestly, guys. Our friends and family better get their wallets ready for the next holiday season because our wishlist will be full of requests for shitty robots that do all the dreadful tasks we don’t want to, like wiping our own butts, helping us blow our noses, and obviously, taking out the garbage can.

Once again, it’s shitty robots, FTW.