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Kate Hoit’s mother, Diane, has been living alone for ten years. That’s a long time, especially for someone who is married. Diane’s husband has late-stage Alzheimers and he lives in an assisted-living facility, so he hasn’t been able to be a part of her life—to have dinner with her, go on walks, even just hang out—for a very long time. In that time, Diane’s mom became lonely. So Kate decided to take to Twitter, using the hashtag #DateDiane, to find a friend and companion for her mother.

Here’s how Diane describes what she’s looking for:

She needs someone to share her life with, which is something she’s missing after losing her husband to the disease. But it was Kate who decided that Diane had gone it alone for long enough. Her mom would write down things she wanted and needed to remember to talk about on a piece of paper, and then would read it to Kate all at once whenever they spent time together. It was too much. Kate knew that her mother needed a more permanent companion.

So she Tweeted out this:

The campaign took off. If you scroll through the hashtag, you’ll see tons of photos posted by Kate that highlight her mother’s beauty and charisma, as well as words of support from those who want to help.

For Kate, this has also been an emotional journey. The Alzheimers hit her father just after she had been deployed to Iraq. When she came home to help her mother with the situation, the man she left was no longer there — not like she remembered him, anyway. Diane still sees her husband when she visits him in his facility, but their relationship is nothing like what it once was.

Hopefully this campaign will bring happiness to both Diane and Kate, and to the lucky person who gets such an awesome date.

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