Rachel Charlene Lewis
August 09, 2016 10:56 am
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We love our pets, and we love Pokémon GO, but we’re feeling a little freaked out by a recent phenomenon that seems to be mixing the two in a way that’s a little eerie… because it seems like they have the uncanny ability to see the Pokémon. TBH, it has us just a *wee* bit terrified.

Universal Pictures / giphy.com

Don’t believe us? Here’s proof

1. The horrified pet that started it all

We’d be freaked out too, little buddy.

2. This intrigued kitty

Doesn’t seem to hate it.

3. This friendly bird

This bird is down to make Poké pals.

4. This staring cat

Attempting to figure out the scene.

5. This displeased bird

This pet is *not* having it.

6. This disinterested kitten

Some pets just DGAF.

7. This freaked out pet

Others, however, are not fans at all.

8.This resentful cat

This cat does not like to share.

9. This concerned pup

Who may or may not be considering eating its first Pokémon.

10. This glaring fuzzball

TBH, the cats are overwhelmingly not in love with the Pokémon.

11. This friendly pooch

But the dogs seem to be chill about the situation.

12.This curious shiba

This is actually so sweet.