Emily Baines
Updated Apr 17, 2016 @ 11:33 am
Credit: Instagram

There are a lot of magical cats out there. The Cheshire Cat, Behemoth, The Cat in the Hat. But now there’s a new (non-fictional) cat out there who we think has earned his membership to the secretive brotherhood of magical cats: Alos!

Alos, a stunning white kitty, lives in Turkey with his owner Burcu Kaynak. His mesmerizing blue and green eyes are two different colors due to a rare condition called heterochromia. Kaynak told Bored Panda, “His eyes are the most beautiful in the world to me… People are very interested in him, whether it’s on social media or when walking outdoors.” We get it: we, too, are totally interested in him!

Luckily for us, Alos has an Instagram account. So even though he lives all the way in Turkey we can pretend he’s a lot closer to us. He’s already earned over ten thousand followers. Which makes sense, cause this cat is going to start spouting prophecy at literally any moment. Even if he’s not magic (although we’re pretty sure he is) who wouldn’t want to cuddle that adorable face?

He’s just so adorable, guys. Like… come on. Just look at him:

Everything’s going to be okay. This cat can tell you your future.

What terrible sorcery is he suddenly noticing?

We think this should be his cover look for “Magic Cats Monthly”

“You must turn from the path you are on because of DOOOOM and also I need tuna!”

This magic cat is just aching for some good cuddles. Cuddles we are more than willing to bestow.