Kit Steinkellner
Updated May 24, 2015 @ 12:18 pm

When we call a thief “a cat burglar,” what we’re saying is that the criminal is as stealthy and agile as a little kitty. Cat burglar Snorri Sturluson is crazy-stealthy and nuts-agile, but that’s because he’s actually a four-legged, furry-bodied, whisker-faced, real-live cat.

Snorri Sturluson (named after an 11th century Icelandic poet/historian) is the ginger-haired furball companion of Gabbie Hendel. The two live together in Montaville, a neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. Snorri came from humble beginnings, as Hendel explained to Oregon Live. “He was a sad, shivering, stray kitten that found me.”

Since his sad, shivering days, Snorri has grown up and somewhere along the way, he went astray, and now lives a life of crime, regularly stealing from Hendel’s neighbors.

Hendel first noticed something was up when Snorri started bringing home sticks and pieces of bark mulch. However, the cat’s proclivities soon crossed a boundary when he began bringing home other people’s possessions.

A list of items Snorri Sturluson has stolen from his neighbors includes: work gloves, a wine cork, a t-shirt, a matchbook, a rubber gasket, a leopard-print towel, and SO MANY SHOES.

“Shoes are a big deal for him right now,” Hendel said, essentially admitting that Snorri, at this point, is basically the cat version of Carrie Bradshaw. Below, some of the shoes the Snorr-ster has stolen:

Hendel, in an attempt to restore these stolen items to their rightful owners, has posted a notice on her neighborhood’s Facebook page.

“Some of the neighbors have reclaimed their things, but he has moved on from the usual victims.”

Oh, Snorri Sturluson, when will you get on the right side of the law? Until Snorri reforms he will be, hands down, the cutest criminal at large.

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