Remember that time people unwrapped their Reese’s chocolate Christmas trees only to discover that those trees didn’t look anything like trees at all? And then those grumpy humans took to social media to express their frustration and disappointment with the normally shapely and festive chocolate peanut-butter treat?

Well, to add fuel to the fire, Snickers decided to join in on the fiasco by poking fun at Reese’s trees (and just FYI, these candy bars belong to rivaling brands. Snickers is owned by Mars, and Reese’s is a Hershey product). On November 30th, they tweeted, “Our trees are more #satisfying anyway. #EATSnickers.” Touche, Snickers. Touche.

Here’s what the chocolate trees look like, side-by-side:

I hate to say it, but…Snickers trees DO look more like trees. Reese’s responded to this declaration of war on the 2nd of December —but instead of apologizing for their sad trees, or fighting back, they joined in on the fun with the hashtag #alltreesarebeautiful.

Go Reese’s for taking the high road!

(Images via Twitter)