Throughout the history of mankind, artists have come along that completely change the way we see the world. Every generation has one — Picasso, DaVinci, and now, Snapdad.

Snapdad, a.k.a. Belgian graphic designer Lukas Costeur, uses photos of his baby son, Felix, as canvases for hilarious creations. Using only the Snapchat drawing tool and a stylus, Lukas has transformed ‘lil Felix into characters like Buzz Lightyear, Pinocchio, and Walter White from Breaking Bad (obviously).

He shares his masterpieces on his Tumblr, and they are absolutely amazing.

Here’s Felix as Jasmine’s dad, the Sultan, from Aladdin:

Can’t wait until Felix looks back at these as a teenager:

Thank you, Snapdad, for sharing your gift with the world:

Images via Snapdad/Tumblr.