Jen Juneau
Updated Mar 29, 2016 @ 12:56 pm
snapchat messaging update
Credit: Shutterstock

Snapchat just totally upped its game. On the heels of Instagram’s announcement about its upcoming changes to its display algorithm, Snapchat shared in a blog post earlier today that it would be incorporating some updates of its own.

These enhancements specifically focus on Snapchat’s messaging; in Chat 2.0, the company has turned its messaging into a more user-friendly, seamless, and efficient experience by adding not-entirely-Facebook-dissimilar features like the ability to send photos, video-message clips, and even adorable stickers right within the messenger with a single tap.

You can even start video calls right within the app — just hold down the video icon to start calling your current contact. Want to see the face of an incoming video caller because they want your honest advice about a new outfit they need you to see in motion, but aren’t jazzed about displaying your own cute mug because you’re having a bad hair day? No problem—accept by tapping the “Watch” icon instead of picking up the call as you would normally.

Snapchat has also added a cool new feature called “Auto-Advance Stories” which, according to the blog post, “is the fastest way to catch up with your friends. When you finish a Story, the next one begins automatically — simply swipe to skip ahead, or pull down to exit!”

The update is supposed to be rolling out over the next few hours, but many users are already seeing it on their apps. And they’re just a little bit stoked.

Happy swiping and chatting, Snappers! Just don’t forget to sleep. And eat. And breathe.