copperhead snake coiled up in grass in Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Credit: Robert Alexander/Archive Photos/Getty Images

As if we needed more proof that snakes are truly the shadiest, here’s something else to justify why we’ve grouped them together with other shifty animals. As Mashable reports, snake biologist and PhD student Helen Plyar recently shared a photo of a copperhead snake hiding among some grass and leaves, and the image has gone viral on Twitter. The reptile’s skin allows it to easily camouflage itself and scare the crap out of everyone.

We felt like we needed a vision test STAT after overlooking this giant snake hiding in a flower pot, but this cleverly concealed venomous snake (*shivers*) has us wanting to invest in some camo-resistant spectacles — Do these exist? If not they *totally* should — AND avoid long walks in the forest, because ugh, these creatures and their protective instincts can’t wait to ruin all of our human fun.

So, blink and wipe your eyes a few times for good measure before attempting to spot the sly serpent in this photo, which was snapped by fellow snake enthusiast Jerry Davis of Texas: false

If you can’t find it, don’t feel bad: Plyar — a certified snake expert — took almost two minutes to find it and even admitted she’s nearly stepped on them in the past (yikes). Their bites are rarely fatal, but STILL.

Anyway, for those of you who are probably all, “Psh, what snake?!” here ya go: false

As The Daily Mail points out, this type of snake is usually found in eastern North America. It avoids humans but they have a tendency to freeze up when sensing danger. Unfortunately for us, that increases the likelihood of it being stepped on, which means someone’s bound to get bitten by this venomous snake that prefers to mind its business, but clearly doesn’t know how.

If a hike is in your near future, consider yourselves warned.