Credit: Catmando/Shutterstock

We admit it: April Fools’ Day jokes are usually not very funny. But the Smithsonian National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute recently pulled a prank that we admit is pretty good.

Yesterday, the Smithsonian claimed they caught the first known images of a unicorn in the wild.

Allegedly, they will place bejeweled satellite tracking collars on 10 unicorns over the next three years to find out more about the elusive creatures.

The Smithsonian also revealed some interesting facts about unicorns. And it seems the rumors are true: Unicorns really do poop glitter. Their droppings sparkle in the sun due to the flowering silvery grass that they subsist on, called Sparklebombis twinkleosa.

Another tidbit? According to the Smithsonian, unicorn’s sounds can travel up to five miles, and their vocalizations range from falsetto neighs to soft nickers. Their low-frequency noises cannot be heard by the human ear.

And apparently, unicorn hair is actually quite strong — even more so than spider silk!

But wait, there’s more. Unicorns also secrete an unusual oil that reflects light. That’s why the coats of the animals appear to glitter in the sun or under a full moon.

Best of all, they also smell amazing — like waffle cones and maple syrup!

Finally, the Smithsonian makes some guesses as to why unicorns have that iconic horn in the first place. Growing from 9.5 to 13 inches long, scientists think the horn might be an additional sensory organ, like the tusk of the narwhal. It could also be used for self-defense or to attract a mate.

While much is still to be learned about these mysterious animals, scientists maintain that we should keep believing in them.

So keep looking out for those unicorns!