Kathryn Lindsay
Updated Apr 19, 2016 @ 5:56 am
smart mattress
Credit: Duret/ https://youtu.be/CWP4n4BfAYo

People go to all kinds of the lengths to discretely find out if their partners are cheating on them, but a new mattress called the “Smarttress” might take the cake. A Spanish company called Durmet claims the mattress can detect when it’s “in use” in a questionable way. Then, it sends an alert to the phone of whatever suspicious partner purchased the mattress. By monitoring duration, intensity and “impact per minute,” the Smarttress claims to be able to capture the exact moment when your partner is unfaithful, giving you the data you need to confront them, reports ReCode. Think of it a little like a car alarm, but for your bedroom. We have to ask: Crazy or genius?

The whole idea behind the mattress is explained in this very intense ad, which warns about the “global infidelity crisis” and says cheating is on the rise in Spain. “If your partner isn’t faithful,” the video says, “at least your mattress is”:

And if you think this is an April Fool’s joke come a few weeks late, think again. Durmet has a video of the mattress in action:

If you want to pick up a Smarttress for yourself, you’re going to have to take out some serious cash. One of these bad boys will cost you $1,750, not to mention the emotional heartbreak that will ensue if it ever detects anything. You might be better off having a frank and open conversation with your partner about your worries. But if you’re determined to live your life like the plot of a romantic comedy, then you know where to go.