7-Eleven Slurpees are a summer staple, and it’s always fun when they roll out new flavors. Over the years, they’ve introduced us to a variety of Slurpee flavors such as Cap’n Crunch Crunch Berries, Candy Cane, and even a few questionable ones like something called Frawg. Now, it’s come to our attention that Slurpee-flavored cookies exist. And all we can think is, What do these cookies even taste like?!

While baked goods may not provide the same cool satisfaction of a frozen beverage on a hot day, the company is making sure that customers consume their product even after summer is over.

The Instagram account @junkfoodmom recently shared a photo of a box of cherry Slurpee cookies. The pic is tagged at a 7-Eleven location in Detroit. Though we don’t know how many stores are selling them, this photo is proof that they exist somewhere out there.

We should also point out there appears to be no actual drink involved; it seems like the refreshment only serves as inspiration. They’re pretty much just sugar cookies with red frosting and sprinkles on top. But who knows? Maybe they do taste like the classic cherry Slurpees we all know and love.

Would you try the Slurpee cookies?

According to the pic, they come in a package of 10.

This isn’t the first time 7-Eleven has created a Slurpee-flavored treat.

Back in 2016, in honor of the drink’s 50th anniversary, they whipped up Slurpee doughnuts.

Credit: Richard Levine / Getty Images

At least this is a surefire way to avoid brain freeze.