diving off trampoline into mousetraps
Credit: Slow Mo Guys /

You know that sinking feeling you get when someone else does something you really want to do that unfortunately doesn’t align with your schedule? Well, watching one of the Slow Mo guys dive into a 1,000 mouse traps on a trampoline gives us the exact opposite sensation, as in, hell no way we’d ever want to try this at home or anywhere else.

We were with the Slow Mo-ers when they destroyed random objects in slow motion as a visual representation of moving on from one’s past (so deep), and we followed along in awe with their slowed-down underwater explosion. Fun stuff, right?

This mousetrap situation, though? Not so much. If this is a madness train, this would be our cue to get off.

First off, look at all of these carefully arranged mousetraps. Who has the patience for this? WE DO NOT.

FYI, this setup took Gavin and Daniel four long hours, which naturally included a couple mess-ups (because life isn’t fair) that forced some of the traps to go off in advance. After reorganizing, Daniel finally climbs a wobbly ladder for the much-awaited dive.

Then he says, “I’m ready to go into the mousetraps,” which somehow makes us feel a bit of sympathy for wait awaits him in the pit of pain. Grit your teeth and watch the full dive and landing in real time and 4K slow motion:

OK, so we can’t pretend that the main thing we were looking forward to was seeing how many traps pinched the hell out of Daniel, but as it turns out, the rippling effect was the clear highlight of this footage.

You’ve won us over once again, Slow Mo Guys.