You know how it is when you’re so tired that you keep nodding off no matter how hard you try and stay awake? Don’t you just hate it when that happens? (Like every day at your desk around 4 pm, maybe?) Take heart. You’re not alone, as this video of a meerkat who can’t seem to keep his eyes open proves. He’s sooooo sleepy and sooooo adorable. And oh yeah, he’s also surrounded by stuffed animals that look just like him.

Meerkats are super social and like to hang out in big groups. So it’s great that the sleepy little guy in the video is surrounded by his peeps, even if they’re a tad bit more, um, plush than your average meerkat. But why exactly is he so sleepy? Maybe he’s worn out from tying to camouflage himself in a basketful of stuffed animals. Or maybe his morning latte is beginning to wear off. And why is he hanging out in someone’s house rather than, say, a desert in Botswana? More importantly, where IS this house?

Seriously though, where is it?! You know, just in case we want to stop by. (We TOTALLY do.)

So. Many. Questions. We might never know the answers, but that’s okay. Sometimes it’s best not to question things, especially when those things are so cute they make your heart explode into candy. And this video definitely does because this sleepy meerkat surrounded by stuffed animal meerkats is hands down the cutest thing you’ll see today. I know…

We say that a lot around here. But TRUST.

Image and video via YouTube.