Why do we get the feeling that one of the meerkats in this video is still trying to sleep off his Thanksgiving dinner? He’s sleepy. Sooooo sleepy. (This is basically what all of us looked like at around 6 pm yesterday.) He can’t keep his eyes open. He CANNOT.

But what’s up with his meerkat besties? They just sit there and watch our sleepy friend fall right off the rock of his zoo habitat. What kind of squad is that? Couldn’t they have given the drowsy little dude a nudge? Or maybe a heads up before he tumbled headfirst off his perch? We see you, apathetic meerkat friends. We see you. Not cool. No turkey sandwich leftovers for you.

We don’t know if meerkats have actually ever eaten turkey, but they probably would if given the opportunity. They eat pretty much anything. Lizards, rodents, birds, fruit. Oh and bugs, too. (Ew.) So we’re thinking they’d chow down on Thanksgiving leftovers like nobody’s business. (And from the looks of this video, they would NOT share. Just saying.)

Set your eyeballs on the adorable clumsiness below. We’re not laughing at you, sleepy meerkat. We’re laughing with you. Mostly.

[Image and video via YouTube.]