Summer is almost here, which is definitely cause for celebration. But it also means that if you don’t have air conditioning or a solid fan set up, you’ll be faced with the Herculean task of trying to fall asleep in sweltering temps, which is just not good for your sleep health. Nothing is worse than trying to get comfortable on those hot, sticky nights, so we’d like you to consider trying something: wearing nothing at all to bed. Going to bed in the buff is a great summer hack for a better night’s sleep, but there are also many reasons why sleeping naked will make your life better overall.

A recent study by Mattress Advisor found that just 8% of people sleep naked on a consistent basis. But that’s not nearly enough, especially when you consider all of the great health, lifestyle, and yes, even sexual benefits to sleeping naked.

Alesandra Woolley, executive editor of Mattress Advisor, tells HelloGiggles that she thinks people just aren’t used to the idea.

If you love your jammers and the idea of making direct contact with your sheets skeeves you out, do your PJ thing, we get it. But if you’ve been having trouble falling asleep or you wake up in the middle of the night all twisted up in your T-shirt, here are a few reasons to strip down and give sleeping naked a shot.

1It’s the best way to regulate body temp.

Although our pajamas are usually made from lightweight fabrics, wearing clothes to bed and then getting under the blankets is a good way to ensure you wake up all sweaty and uncomfortable in the middle of the night. The sleep experts at Reverie, a luxury sleep technology company, tell HelloGiggles:

Bill Fish, a sleep coach and the co-founder of Tuck, agrees. He explained to HelloGiggles that our bodies maintain an ideal temperature of about 98.6 degrees while we’re awake, but we need to cool down to fall asleep at night. Wearing clothing to bed can interfere with the cooling process, making it harder to doze off. But when you sleep naked, your body stays nice and cool.

2You get moving earlier.

You have to get dressed at some point in the morning, and if you’re sleeping naked, it’ll usually be sooner than later. Fish makes a really good point about this, saying that “sleeping naked is a great motivator to get going in the morning. Let’s face it, it is easy to lounge around the house in our PJs until 11:00 a.m. sometimes, but sleeping naked pushes us to get ready and attack the day.” So if you find that you have trouble getting started with your day, especially on your days off, try out that birthday suit.

3It’s good for your relationship.

According to recent studies, sleeping naked is good for your relationship, as you can imagine. But it’s not just because being naked makes it easier to initiate sex. Wooley notes that Mattress Advisor’s research found that 57% of couples who sleep naked together report happier relationships, compared to just 48% of couples who don’t.

She adds, “If you are stripping down before sharing the bed with someone, there’s a sense of vulnerability and intimacy associated with that. So whether or not sleeping naked leads to sex, it can still help strengthen the bond in your relationship. You’re letting down physical and metaphorical barriers before getting into bed.”

4Okay, but it’s also great for your sex life.

Sleeping naked doesn’t automatically mean you’re up for sex, of course. Especially when it’s swampy hot in your room. But being naked together is just a good habit that couples should get into if they want a healthy sex life. Caleb Backe, a health and wellness expert for Maple Holistics, tells HelloGiggles:

So don’t be shy about making stripping down a part of your nighttime couple routine.

5Sleeping nude is good for your genital health.

Sleeping in your underwear is also perfectly healthy, so you should always do what feels best. But underwear is meant to protect our clothes, not our genitals, so sleeping naked isn’t bad for your genitals, whether you’re a man or a woman. If anything, giving your body a break from constricting clothing that doesn’t allow a lot of breathing room for your vagina might actually help, especially if you’re prone to bacteria-related infections, as reported by LiveScience.

6It’s just more comfortable.

Since we move throughout the night, our loose PJs can end up getting all twisted, too. Fish tells HelloGiggles that clothing can restrict our natural movements, which can cause us to wake up feeling like our clothes are trying to choke us. Having no clothing on to irritate your body will mean a more restful sleep.

7It will boost your body confidence.

Body confidence is not always easy to attain, but the more you get used to being naked when you’re in private, the more you’ll be able to love your body when you’re in public. Sleeping naked will lead to a more restful sleep, but it can also help you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

According to Forbes, confident people tend to get promoted more often and get higher wages, so sleeping naked might even be a sound financial decision. And not just because you save money on silk pajamas.

Sleeping naked isn’t just comfy, it could change your life. So go ahead — get naked.