Kenya Foy
March 30, 2017 5:30 pm
Doug Murray/Icon Sportswire/Corbis via Getty Images

If you want to live on the edge, but are too afraid to do so IRL, the internet is full of people who partake in scary activities and film them, like this skydiver whose parachute and reserve got tangled during a jump. While being in such a tough spot is absolutely terrifying, this clip also demonstrates why it’s best to remain calm in a crisis.

That said, we are applauding this guy who handled his parachute getting tangled twice in mid-air like a complete professional. This has to be one of the scariest parachute fails ever, but we’re happy to report he survived the ordeal.

The entire nerve-racking incident was captured on the unnamed skydiver’s headcam, and the footage of the jump over Perris, California will make your heart leap out of its chest.

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So, in the clip, we see the skydiver sailing through the air, observing the world below from an enviable vantage point, when suddenly his parachute and his backup decide to take the day off. At this point, it’s far too late for a bucket list revision, so after having an inevitable meltdown and breaking into a major sweat, WTH do you do?

If you’re anything like this guy, you keep a cool head and continue feverishly working to get yourself out of this jam:

PHEW! That had to be one of the closest calls ever. Luckily, the skydiver landed safely and walked away with no injuries.

Skydiving seems like an amazing experience, but after grimacing our way through this video, we’re convinced that we need to keep our attempts at walking on the wild side a LOT closer to the ground.