Rainbow and sparkly anything and everything is currently all the rage. Rainbow and sparkle hair, food, nails, and bath bombs are jamming our Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards. But what about us girls who thrive on the darker shades of life? Have we been forgotten amidst the glittering, multicolored obsession? Witchy women, fear not. Enchanting skull bath bombs exist and they are exactly what the witch doctor ordered.

These fantastical bath bombs are made by Harper Homemade. This company makes handcrafted, vegan, and cruelty-free bath products that are to die for. All you have to do is see one of their skull bath bombs in action to fall in love.

They’re called The Poser bath bomb and they retail for $12. Although they look intimidating on the outside, these guys actually smell liked mixed berries. And, according to the Harper Homemade website, each skull bath bomb is hand-painted.

If they didn’t look so cool while fizzing in the bathtub, we’d want to hang The Poser on our wall.

Because they’re so awesome, The Poser bath bombs are currently out of stock. According to their Instagram, the restock date is tomorrow, so be sure to mark your calendars ASAP.

While you’re waiting for The Poser to be restocked, why not try out one of the many other Harper Homemade bath bombs? The Cruella looks absolutely divine.

And yes, rainbow and sparkle lovers are welcome to indulge in Harper Homemade’s products as well.

We’ll be anxiously awaiting the return of The Poser! Thank you to Harper Homemade for letting our dark sides relax in style!