Kenya Foy
Updated Jan 31, 2017 @ 9:56 am
ski lift
Credit: JOSEPH EID/Getty Images

Even if you’re not a cold weather person or you couldn’t care less about winter sports, you’re going to want to watch Newschoolers video of a skier who came dangerously close to hitting a chairlift while performing a double backflip at Mt. Rose Ski Resort. It’s kinda one of those situations that you have to see to believe.

Lately, we’ve reported on some pretty gnarly winter sports-related wipeouts, so you might be warmed up to see this. We covered the guy who accidentally skied off a cliff (and luckily walked away with no injuries), and that snowboarder who got caught in an avalanche. While supremely brave skier Joey Rolshoven narrowly avoided making contact with the lift, he’s still on our list of winter sports enthusiasts experiencing crazy shit that makes us sweat, cringe and swear off that skiing lifestyle for the rest of ever.

Seriously, we’d never hit the slopes with one of these dudes because we just wouldn’t be able to hang. Defying death doesn’t really mesh well with our list of ideal winter-themed activities, which may or may not include joining the royal family on a ski vacation.

Things might get a little bit stuffy hanging with the queen and company, but at least we wouldn’t have to worry about anyone in our fancy royal party attempting some wild double back flip like this:

Well, maybe Prince Harry might try it? Either way, we think that video caption contains a typo. Shouldn’t “hype AF” be “scary AF”? Obviously, that near-collision jump is one big heap of OH HELL NO.

Also, here’s another “hangle” (we just made that up) from Rolshoven’s Instagram page that makes the jump look slightly less scary, but don’t be fooled because it’s not:

Whew! Well that’s more than enough dangerous winter activities for one day. Pinochle and hot cocoa, anyone?