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Have you got that eggnog latte warmed up? Got that tasty gingerbread ready for a mid-morning snack? Because we’ve got an adorable December treat for you, in the rather spectacular form of Chris Hemsworth.

Despite his heavy press schedule for his upcoming film, Moby Dick prequel In the Heart of the Sea, Hemsworth seems to know it’s important to keep pushing yourself in new directions. To that end, he posted this death-defying skateboarding video on Instagram yesterday.

Let us speak of the adorableness of this video. First of all, hi, he’s shirtless, and thankfully looks like he’s recovering from the extreme weight-loss he went through for his whale-fighting blockbuster.

Yikes, we are glad to see him looking more like Thor, and less like Thor stranded on an island for several months.

Second, how adorable is this tiny little stunt? We admit, watching him hurl around a giant hammer in The Avengers made us prepare for something spectacular, but this minimal move was almost dad-like in its cute, I-can-still-kick-it-with-the-kids attitude. Mjolnir might still come when you call, Hems, but it’s going to make sure its mythical weapon pals aren’t watching first.

Third, the power of friendship. Not only did Hemsworth get an unknown buddy to film this majestic display of basic skateboarding skills, but the friend let out an encouraging, “yeah!” at the end. We’re proud of you, too, Chris.

Finally, let’s mention the famed Hemsworth sense of humor. We are all blessed that an actor this popular recognizes his own lameness both enough to film this historic moment and to caption it with “#Xgames #extreme #lifeontheline.” Chris is on a roll of cuteness lately (and by lately we mean forever) recently getting one up on his own brother with a little creative artistry

Skateboarding, graphic design…what other secret almost-skills is Chris hiding?

(Images via Instagram)