Sara Altschule
December 14, 2014 6:19 am

Having a sister isn’t just having a built-in best friend — it’s more than that. There are things only sisters understand about each other. Being a sister is a full-time job that walks a fine line between love and hate. One day you want to tear her hair out and the next you can’t wait to go shopping with her. If you aren’t a sister, this dynamic might appear confusing. But to female siblings around the world, they just get it. It’s an undeniable and unexplainable relationship. And nothing comes close to it.

Here are seven things that only sisters understand, as illustrated by the Tanner sisters.

What it really feels like to get an honest opinion

Thanks to your sister, you’ll always know when those pants should be burned and when your roots needs to be dyed. Honesty is the best policy, and actually the only policy sisters know. Even though sometimes the truth hurts, she has your best interest in mind. You love and hate her for this. It stings a little when she tells you that guy you’re dating is a jerk, but you know deep down inside you need to hear it. And more importantly, she’s right. (How is she always right?!) Sisters know how to be honest in life, because they’ve had to speak the hard truths. They may not always be gentle with how they say it, and it doesn’t always come at the best time — but, at the end of the day, you wouldn’t want to truth coming from anybody else but your sister.

The burdens and joys of sharing your stuff

Sharing is the name of the game with sisters. Where’s that blue top with the sequins I’ve been searching forever for? Oh wait, in my sister’s closet. And that curling iron I once thought just mysteriously disappeared. I guess it disappeared into my sister’s travel bag. Thanks to having a sibling, sharing is never a problem for you. You’ve also gotten used to the fact that your little sister will wear the exact same outfit you’re wearing just because. Eating off each other’s plates is the norm. Borrowing purses is like borrowing money. And if something of yours goes missing, you’ve got quite the hunch you know where it is. I believe it was sisters that came up with that saying, “Sharing is caring.” 

Very specific sisterly competition 

Show me a competitive woman, and I’ll show you her sister. Sisters know how to compete like it’s nobody’s business. Hello, they probably had to compete for attention their entire lives. Whether it came to who got the better grades, or who was better in sports — a sibling sure knows what victory tastes like. So sorry if we try to make everything a competition. And maybe we’re not the best at losing. (I mean, is there anyone who enjoys that?) We can’t help it — we are a sister. 

Those really down and dirty fights

Sisters sure know how to argue. They’ve had years and years of practice, so you better believe they’ve stepped up their game. Not only do we know how to properly argue, we know how to get over an argument in lightning speed. Sisters can go from having a World War I fight to quickly becoming best friends again. They can’t stay mad at each other for long, even if they wanted to. Our conflict resolution game is strong and we know it. 

Having each other’s back—always

Being a sister is like being in the mafia. You mess with her, and you mess with me. You can’t break the loyalty between sisters, no matter how hard you try. You can say anything you want about your sister, but the moment somebody else says the same thing, you won’t stand for it. You’ll get all, “That’s my sister you’re talking about!” on them. Only YOU can make fun of her. And, even though at times you may feel like you hate her, it’s more than comforting to know that she’ll always be in your corner. She’s got your back and you’ve got hers. Try to break that, I dare you.

Figuring out who you are separate from your sis

Any sister knows that feeling of frustration when somebody compares you two. You’re two separate people, but occasionally others forget this. That is why, if you are a sister, you are adamant on having your own identity. It’s important for you to have your own hobbies and interests. And you’ve got your own celebrity crush, okay? James Franco is your dream guy, not hers! It’s crucial that people get to know you individually, instead of grouping you and your sister together. Just because you two look alike, doesn’t mean you are alike. 

The judgement-free zone

One of the greatest things about having a sister is that you can tell her anything. And I mean, everything and anything. You’re pissed at mom? She knows. You had a dream where you killed your ex? She knows. You tell her everything because she doesn’t judge you, like the outside world might. She laughs along with you as you tell her those embarrassing moments that you keep tend to keep secret. You and your sis don’t hold back with your stories because there’s no need to. 

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