One day, I sat staring at my iPhone, thinking, “DO SOMETHING!” The iPhone, for me, had officially become boring. I was in a lifeless marriage to my phone that had lost all of the fun and passion. This led to me think some, well, betraying thoughts towards Apple.

I never thought the day would come:

Was I talking to myself out loud, or was this just in my head? I really don’t know the answer to that, and it’s a little bit frightening, to be honest. Right at that moment, I got an iMessage which made me stay faithful to my iPhone: “Did you know that Siri can speak emojis?”

This was it! I typed up the most random emojis I could find, sent them in a iMessage, highlighted the text and selected “Speak”. Right then, Siri shot out the most random descriptions of the little people and cute animated objects that I had no idea what they exactly were.

“Customer service girl. Man bowing. Japanese fish cake. One hump camel. Camel. Dragon head.” My eyes went wide, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I actually started salivating of the idea of her speaking more of them back to me. This new-found trick had gotten me so excited. Siri was just spraying it all out in her monotone-y yet attitude-y voice. I really started to get into it, (only God can judge me, okay?) so naturally, I got a bit more creative with this emoji business.

There are so many emojis that none of us even know what exactly they are, so I made them my next victims. Things got weird. “Leafy tree. Bridge behind Pho pictorial card. European post office. Love hotel. Japanese castle. Airplane seat. Steam locomotive. Asian-Indian man with turban.” My jaw dropped. I no longer had any idea what was going on; all I wanted to do was tell EVERYONE. This became the source of my entertainment for 20 minutes. Okay, I lied, an hour. My love and passion for the iPhone was lit and fiery again; I no longer wanted to leave this marriage!

The point is, you most likely didn’t know emojis could talk, but it’s fun and trivial to know they do; it’s even greater to do it yourself. This is always a good ice breaker and conversation starter, too. Perhaps even a good (and very sly) way to get your number in a cute boy’s phone by doing a demonstration. The most entertaining use I have gained from this definitely has to be trying to create speaking emoji conversations with my sister. It’s all we do back and forth to each other everyday. I honestly think it keeps the brain sharp, because it’s a little bit harder than it may seem to be. Give it try, and I promise you that you won’t not laugh. There’s no guarantee or anything – I’m not an infomercial, but you get it! Or should get it. Or at least I’m hoping you get it.

Have fun, and iPhone on, my people.

Featured image via the author