When I read someone’s life bucket list, I get an impending sense of trepidation. Go zorbing. See the Northern Lights. Run a half marathon. Attach a lock to the Lovers’ Lock Bridge in France. These are inspiring ambitions, but I can’t stop the baby tears from seeping down the cheeks of my mind. I am a broke 21 year-old, stuck in a small town studying to be a teacher. If I were ever lucky enough to experience such incredible things, it would be years from now. And aint nobody got time to wait around while their life passes them by, always dreaming of a “someday.”

So here’s the deal: I have this summer. This entire summer, living in a huge-ass crib all by my lonesome (as my roommates are “finding themselves” abroad, naturally), checkmated in this town that even the best cartographer would forget to map. This, my cybersisters, is T-R-O-U-B-L-E because…

a) I HATE to be alone

b) I am a puppy. I need to be entertained constantly

c) I live for goals, to-do lists, and adventure

The myriad factors have nudged me to make the empowering decision to not waste away during these next three months. As a free lady in the prime of her life, I have this blessed window of time to be a wee bit selfish. Thus, I have created a kickin’ summer bucket list for those like me who want goals they can accomplish NOW. Grab your gals and snatch yo’ sunscreen, because this one will be a summer to remember. Hashtag BossAssBitch, yo!

Purchase a cheap-as-hell ukulele and learn a little ditty

See a movie by myself (The Fault in Our Stars, anyone?)

Eat an entire watermelon in one day

Learn how to skateboard

Make real fruit smoothies

Grow my eyebrows out and wax (abolish over-plucking!)

Eat kid foods for a whole day (including but not limited to Lucky Charms, mac and cheese, chocolate milk, pizza, gogurt, hotdogs, etc…)

Fill a coloring book

Learn the “Single Ladies” choreography

Pick a summer anthem

Buy ALL the high-waisted shorts

Send Christmas-in-July cards

Reread a Harry Potter book

Create a friendship crest

Learn the handshake from The Parent Trap

Celebrate an obscure holiday and go all-out

Paint the inside of my house

Teach my self how to grill and host my very own summer cookout

Do a science experiment

Rock red lipstick A LOT…and pink…and orange…and coral

Bedazzle a flask

Donate clothes (simplify, simplify, simplify)

Write a letter to Ellen DeGeneres

Teach myself a sentence in sign language

Create a summer styled gingerbread house

Make fake character personalities and use them at the bars

Wear sports bras around the house all the time, sending love to my non-flat belly

Get my next tattoo

Give away lemonade at a free lemonade stand

Learn how to garden

Bake a pie

Buy a coffee maker

Do yoga outside

Play “True American” –like in New Girl!

Draw faces and pictures on the food in my refrigerator

Have a Rogers & Hammerstein musical marathon

DIY a bolo tie (let’s bring back the bolo tie!)

Spend an entire day listening to Beatles songs

Eat at Hooters

Go somewhere for each letter of the alphabet

These items may not be your cup of cappuccino, but maybe some of them will poke you into coming up with your own list of adventures for the summer. Because, you know, this is your time, you are made of stardust, and all that jazz.

Cosette is an electric guitar-playing, red lipstick-rocking, slam poet bohemian whose spirit animal is coffee. She likes writing stuff.