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Ricki-Lee Coulter is an Australian singer, Instagrammer, and now, inspiration. She’s a big fan of social media, and frequently uses the platform to share pictures of her life, including selfies. They’re all amazing, obvi, but two days ago she decided to post something a little bit different: a makeup-free selfie showcasing her amazing freckles.

You can see the photo on her Instagram:

Beautiful, right? Even more so because it’s Coulter being authentically herself. But of course, trolls will be trolls, and the picture was quickly taken over by negative comments about her looks.

But Coulter wasn’t going to take that lying down. She quickly took to Facebook to give the haters some much-needed advice:


Bullying is rude and unnecessary not matter what, but especially when it comes to looks. Coulter is gorgeous with and without makeup, and nobody should be giving her (or anyone else!) a reason to cover up their true selves. Your true self could be with some foundation or a bit of eyeliner, or bare-faced in all your freckled glory. It’s about what makes you comfortable, no matter what the haters say.

(Image via Instagram)