Kenya Foy
Updated Mar 03, 2017 @ 4:31 pm
silicon cow brain main
Credit: Grant Thompson /

Hopefully this won’t ruin your pre-weekend high, but you kind of need to see this guy make a silicone mold of a cow brain. Some inquisitive individual requested to see this gross demonstration from YouTuber Grant Thompson, aka “The King of Random,” because apparently this is something that appeals to more than one person on Earth.

In case you’re not familiar with Thompson’s work, he’s the same guy who poured Pepto-Bismol pink silicone ooze all over a Thanksgiving turkey and nearly ruined our holiday appetites in the process.

Thompson’s latest project almost makes us want to read poems about cows and weep silently in a corner, time but we think we can hold it together. Besides, the grossness of him wreaking gooey havoc on a real, formerly live animal organ is distracting our tear ducts at the moment.

So, let’s dive into this buffet of curiosity-induced eww-iness, shall we? First, Thompson starts by examining actual cow brains (barf). He pulls them out of a plastic bag, whips out a scalpel and slices into one like this isn’t a totally maniacal way to pass the time. After examining them for wayyy too long, he holds up the pair of brains alongside a completed mold just to give some perspective.

Credit: Grant Thompson /

As with Thompson’s silicone-slathered turkey vid, we have absolutely no idea why we’re watching this but maybe the people who plan to follow him on Instagram to win a free gummy brain can explain that to us.

Brace yourselves and prepare to NEVER eat another bag of gummy bears for as long as you live.

YUCK. We’d love to pick Thompson’s brain (pun intended) about why this type of stuff excites him so, but we’re not sure we want to spend our entire weekend in the throes of nonstop nightmares.