More than a few times, I’ve been told that I have an “old soul”. I’d like to chalk this up to me being wise beyond my years and not my early bedtime, but perhaps it could also be because of a list of other reasons. Having an “old soul” is a wonderful thing, and you should totally treasure your slightly old-timey outlook on life —it’s what makes you awesome. Here are some signs that may possibly mean that you too have an old (wise and magnificent) soul, too.

You love music that was before your time.

In high school, my best friend and I listened to Benny Goodman and practiced swing dancing moves. This was the nineties, by the way. I then went into a crooner phase and spent time completing homework, day-dreaming about that cute skater boy while listening to Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. This quickly changed to a weird obsession with the Rolling Stones and now as a professional, ahem, adult, I’m back to Ella Fitzgerald.

You prefer actual books to an electronic device.

Yes, yes, I know. It’s so much more convenient to carry around a tablet on which you can load your entire library and use it to purchase whatever book, publication, magazine, etc. whenever you want, but. . .there is something to be said about feeling the weight of an actual book in your hands. There’s something so wonderful about holding it, feeling and hearing the page turn in your hands while curled up in bed or whatever super comfy spot you prefer. And the smell of an old book? MAGIC.

You might have been called quirky or weird at one time or another.

Maybe you see things in a different way or you have a different perspective than others do. Either way: you do you, boo.

You’ve used slang from before your time because it feels natural.

“Here’s mud in your eye.” That’s the “cat’s pajamas”. I got the “heebie jeebies”. Let’s “scram.” You know, basic everyday sayings. Think Christian from Clueless. He was a cool cat.

You’re often the one your friends go to for advice.

Maybe you’re a really good listener. Maybe you look at the problem from all sides and usually come up with a reasonable solution. Either way, your friends see you as reliable and trustworthy.

You have friends that are older than you.

And not by just a few years. I’ve been lucky to have cultivated many relationships with some wonderful ladies that are close to my mom’s age. I’ve had the best times catching up at dinners and laughing the entire night with them.

You don’t mind being alone.

Sometimes you just want to take a moment to relax and reflect on what is going on in your life. Hikes, long baths or just sipping some tea can be SO rewarding and recharging.

You feel a connection to past decades.

Back in my swing dancing days, I took an interest in the 1940s. I love the dialogue in those classic film noirs, the classy way people dressed and the lively brass heavy music.

You’ve crushed on actors from the past.

Humphry Bogart, George Peppard, Steve McQueen, James Dean, Brando (early years of course) Swoon! So dashing, so effortlessly charming! Take note, dudes of the 21st century.

You’re in bed before everyone else.

Ah, my favorite. There’s something to be said about putting on pajamas and settling in for a night’s rest in order to wake up early and start the day all over again!

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