Teri Wilson
March 30, 2016 11:39 am

Last weekend, a woman in Athens, Georgia, went shopping at Kroger and noticed something amazing. The store had a unisex bathroom, along with a sign explaining the decision to offer a non-gender based bathroom to its customers.

The sign says:

Kroger customer Tonya Owens was so impressed by this act of compassion on Kroger’s part (as are we!!) that she snapped a pic and posted it to Facebook with the caption, “Nice job Kroger.”

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Tonya’s Facebook post has since gone viral with over 117,000 shares. Unisex bathrooms have been a hot button issue lately, particularly in the state of Georgia where just last week, the governor vetoed a bill on the grounds that it legalized anti-LBGTQ discrimination.

We agree with Tonya…it’s great to see a retail giant like Kroger stand up for what’s right and fair. Also, they are absolutely correct: unisex bathrooms serve a huge portion of the population. Why all the fuss? After the post went viral, Glynn Jenkins, public relations director of Kroger’s Atlanta Division, told WXIA-TV that the bathroom is nothing new and is just part of their commitment to meet the needs of all their customers. “Kroger stores with unisex bathrooms are designed to serve our customers stated on that sign – parents with young children, parents with disabled children, adults with aging parents, the LGBTQ community and for any other reason such an accommodation might be more convenient. We are proud to serve each and every customer that walks in our doors.”


Way to go, Kroger. And way to go, Tonya for sharing this symbol of compassion and inclusivity, especially at a time when social media is inundated with negative political posts. (Seriously, when will it stop?) We vote for kindness. Always.