The newest iPhone update has caused quite the stir. While users rejoiced at the new emojis, there were things like the wifi assist scandal that made them wish they had just stuck with iOS 8. Turns out, there’s another unwanted side effect of this iOS 9 update, and it’s making users across the pond super frustrated.

While here in the U.S. we tend to end texts with something like “see you soon” or even nothing at all, U.K. texters finish their thoughts with a few adorable kisses. While we would text our friend “Have a good night!” our British counterparts would say, “Have a good night! xxx” but a new feature of this update is making that go from sweet…to a little crazy.

Basically, autocorrect now automatically capitalizes the x, turning “see you soon xxx” into “see you soon XXX” which might as well just be “COME OVER RIGHT NOW SO I CAN KISS YOU.”

Suffice to say, users are not happy about it:

It’s safe to say Apple should probably reverse this update ASAP, or our British friends will do something pretty extreme. Or, should I say, eXtreme.

(Image via Shutterstock)