Christina Pellegrini
July 23, 2016 10:46 am
Comedy Central

Uh, oh. We knew our wine habit wasn’t exactly saving us money, but it turns out that our Saturday and Sunday booze runs are actually costing us more than if we picked up our alcohol during the week.


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The shopping app Ibotta used data from 50 million receipts to discover some surprising news: Wine prices are, on average, 6 percent lower during the week, while beer prices are 9 percent cheaper. Guess we’ve been doing this shopping thing all wrong!


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But there’s still time to make things right. Take note: Stores like Walgreens, Walmart, Costco, and Sam’s Club typically have lower prices on alcohol than grocery and liquor stores. The cheapest beer is to be found at Walmart, Kroger, and Target.

If you’re into pinot grigio and chardonnay, the least expensive place to buy white wine is at Sam’s Club ($9.29 a bottle, on average), followed closely by Walmart at $9.31. As for cabernet sauvignon and pinot noir fans, the cheapest red can be found at Costco for $9.34 a pop (their Kirkland label also consistently get pretty good reviews!). The second best option is Walmart, where a bottle rings in at an average of $9.48.

Sure, it might only be the difference of a few cents, but when you add up all the bottles we drink through, that cash is going to quickly add up!