Gabriela Herstik
March 02, 2017 3:21 pm

There’s nothing quite like the glow of a mama-to-be. Especially when the mama is Amanda Seyfried, and Shirley MacLaine’s holding her baby bump. The two women had the sweetest moment on the red carpet for their latest movie together, The Last Word. And if a photo is worth a thousand words, this one must be worth a million. As Amanda posed for a photo, Shirley was behind her, gently placing her hands atop Amanda’s pregnant belly, and it is so sweet. While Shirley has the biggest grin stretched across her face, Amanda is serene and beautiful as ever, glowing as she gently cups her stomach. Amanda wore a beautiful midnight blue dress with aqua accents, her long hair slicked back and the boldest red lip, enchanting her natural beauty.

Kevin Winter/Getty

The two worked together on the film, which chronicles their relationship as mentor and mentee, so it makes sense this strong bond translated off-screen as well. You can practically feel the joy from Shirley just by looking at the photo.

Kevin Winter/Getty

We love that these are both powerful women who aren’t afraid to laugh. You can only take yourself so seriously, and keeping people who inspire you to find the joy in your life every day is so crucial.  Amanda’s baby-to-be is in good hands, literally.