All we want for Christmas is this tiny Shetland pony in a onesie

‘Tis the season to give as well as receive, and we can think of few better gifts to give you, Gigglers, than this video of a tiny Shetland pony wearing a holiday onesie.

From the start, the video plays at our heartstrings: Daffy, the adorable pony in question, is shown hanging out in his stable, ears pivoting back and forth as he stares out into the great abyss. But not all is as well as it seems. As the video informs us, “In the winter, he can get a bit cold” — cue sobs — “so this year, he’s getting a special present.”

The special present, of course, is a custom-made onesie in just his size, featuring a reindeer, tree, and snowflake pattern and an oversized hood. The video refers to the garment as a “festive foursie,” but since a traditional onesie features the same amount of leg/arm/face holes, you can call it whichever you’d like. (Clearly, we’re leaning onesie.) Either way, you get the joy of seeing a small creature dressed in fleece from head to hoof — and it’s all kinds of adorable.

Of course, Daffy isn’t just any Shetland, and he’s far from a one(sie) trick pony. (Sorry.) According to Buzzfeed, “Daffy lives at Animal Dramatics in Berkshire, which is a kind of animal talent agency” — and with a face like that, it’s easy to see why: He makes an excellent model for winter wear. For those interested in commissioning a custom-made onesie for their own unconventionally-sized pets, the cozy outfit was designed by Charlotte Denn for the Ascot racecourse, in order to promote its upcoming holiday schedule.

If Daffy doesn’t sell you on how amazing animal onesies are, we don’t know what will.

(Image via video.)

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